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Brand Strategy

Identity Design

UI/UX Design

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

Jared Hardwick is a passionate design leader with a mission to craft memorable brands and create unique experiences that people fall in love with.

Don't be mediocre.

Having worked with Jared, I have a great appreciation for his design sensibilities and his ability to lead a team. He works equally well with developers and executives, and I see him as someone who understands the necessity of the proper application of User Experience and design in the development process. And he's just a nice guy; I'd like to work with him again someday.

Christian BradfordLead Accessibility Specialist @ Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC

Jared is loyal, adaptable, & committed to every responsibility he has. He is pragmatic, friendly, & has completely transformed Steadfast by showing dedicated excellence to not only his expertise but to every client he works with. He also genuinely cares about the people around him; a true team player! You'd be lucky to have him on your team.

Christina WilcoxDigital Creator & Instagram Influencer

Jared quickly adapts to whatever task is put before him. He has the unique blend of creativity and organization that allows him to switch gears smoothly and work on several projects at the same time. He also has a great attitude and can work under pressure and deadlines.

Michael WiseDirector of Marketing & Media, Storyteller @ Intelligent Contacts

Jared has been a tremendous resource for us. His work is superb and always delivered on time. He finds ways to accommodate our "emergencies", and he's a great help when we have perplexing graphics issues. He is honest and trustworthy.

David HeimerCOO @ Service Nation, Inc

Jared has an excellent eye for quality. He has an uncanny ability to listen to the needs of the client and accurately pull together the graphics and designs necessary.

Zachariah HuffmanAzure Network Support Engineer @ Microsoft

Jared is extremely creative, hard-working, and a team player. His graphic design work is second to none. It is a privilege to work with Jared. I would highly recommend him!

Mark WorleyVice President @ Dallas Christian College